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Boulder Chamber Team


John Tayer

John Tayer (he/him)


Jackie McCauley

Jackie McCauley (she/her)

VP of Finance, Operations & HR

Joe Hovancak

Joseph E Hovancak (he/him)

VP of Economic Vitality


Amy Barz

Amy Barz (she/her)

Director of Operations

Judi Zrimec

Judi Zrimec (she/her)

Administrative & Scheduling Specialist

Kathleen Baer

Kathleen Baer (she/her)

Administrative & Events Coordinator

Membership Relations

Scott Firle

Scott Firle (he/him)

Sr. Director of Member
& Investor Relations

Cate Cook

Cate Cook (she/her)

Member Relations

Lindsey Sharp

Lindsey Sharp (she/her)

Member Development

Economic Vitality

Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins (he/him)

Sr. Director of Economic Vitality & Special Projects

Louis Rosner

Louis Rosner (he/him)

Economic Development

Olivia Beckstead

Olivia Beckstead (she/her)

Economic Vitality

Events & Programs

Maye Cordero

Maye Cordero (she/her)

Sr. Director of Events & Programs

Megan Sanders

Megan Sanders (she/her)

Events & Programs Specialist

Erika McNab

Erika McNab (she/her)

Program Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Courtney Warford

Courtney Warford (she/her)

Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

Policy Programs

Jonathan Singer

Jonathan Singer (he/him)

Senior Director of Policy Programs

Devin Edgley

Devin Edgley (she/her)

Policy Program Specialist

Rachel Friend

Rachel Friend

Homeless Policy Implementation Liaison

Leslie Durgin

Leslie Durgin

Homeless Research & Advocacy Specialist

Transportation Connections

Karen Worminghaus

Karen Worminghaus (she/her)

Sr. Manager of Transportation

Elaine Erb

Elaine Erb (she/her)

Sustainable Transportation Planner

Darcy Kitching

Darcy Kitching (she/her)

TDM Outreach Specialist

Will Shephard

Will Shepherd (he/him)

TDM Outreach Specialist

Liaisons and Advisors

Deborah Malden

Deborah Malden (she/her)

Art Liaison & Advisor - Volunteer

Carey Mason

Carey Mason (he/him)

Diversity Professional