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Ambassador Spotlight: Beth Blacker

July 2, 2024

Tell us your story about becoming a Chamber Ambassador and what it means to you. 

I became a Chamber Ambassador when I first moved to Colorado in 2016, I got involved right away! I guess that means that I am truly committed to building a community of my business peers and being engaged on a higher level so that we all can grow and succeed together. That is what being a Chamber Ambassador means to me.

How has becoming an ambassador impacted your business or network growth and community presence? 

Being an ambassador has given me so much more recognition and credibility for the growth of my business. The opportunities for engagement have always felt effortless and my ROI has been exponential.

What is your favorite part about your work and why? 

As a professional organizer and move management specialist, I see so many people struggling physically, mentally, and/or financially. It is heartbreaking to hear what some of our clients have endured. If my team and I can remove even the smallest amount of chaos and create some sense of calm in their homes and lives, then I can't think of anything better I could be doing with my life.

What fellow member product, service, or location do you utilize the most often? Please explain! 

Well, I am going to say DV8 Spirits since I probably buy more whiskey from them than anywhere else!


Learn more about Beth's business, It's Just Stuff, by visiting her website.