ReENERGYZe Your Business

ReENERGYze Your Business Programs presented by the City of BoulderCity of Boulder


This program delivers waste reduction, energy and cost savings tips tailored to Boulder businesses. With energy costs a significant factor for many businesses, this is the "go-to" place to get valuable information and connections to help you manage your energy bills and improve your sustainability profile.


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"Reading Your Commercial Energy Bill For Savings Opportunities"
A ReENERGYze Your Business Breakfast presented by the City of BoulderCity of Boulder


This series delivers waste reduction and energy and cost savings tips tailored to businesses. Attendees gained hands-on tips for reading their commercial energy bill and identifying cost savings opportunities. Speakers included John Venturo with Xcel Energy, Collin Tomb from EnergySmart, and Jim Zarske from Nexant. We recorded this informative quarterly event and look forward to offering it as a podcast on our website.


Thanks to Bay Window Catering catering for sponsoring a delicious breakfast!


"How to Throw a Sustainable Holiday (or Anytime) Event "
A ReENERGYze Your Business Breakfast presented by the City of BoulderCity of Boulder

This series delivers waste reduction and energy and cost savings tips tailored to businesses. Attendees got in the Holiday Spirit on December 8th at this fun, interactive breakfast. Presenters, Leigh Cushing from Eco-Cycle, Jamie Harkins, from the City of Boulder and Claudia A. Capitini from Eco-Products delivered tips on how to throw a sustainable event at the holidays or any time. Thanks to Spice of Life catering, our delicious zero-waste breakfast sponsor!


 Chamber Member Chris Ratay of Ratay Realty shares his energy makeover experienceReENERGYze Your Business: Business Efficiencies Breakfast Panel presented by the City of Boulder


In case you missed it, Chris Ratay of Ratay Realty shared his Energy Efficiency Makeover experience at the newly named Re-“Energy”ze Your Business Breakfast Panel. Congratulations to Jean DiGiovanna of Workshop University for submitting the winning name in our series naming contest! We got a wealth of great energy and costs savings tips for small and home businesses, including resources for rebates and freebies. Did you know a simple screw-on faucet aerator can save significant water, dual flush toilets are inexpensive after rebates, and annual furnace cleanings improve efficiency? Thanks to the City of Boulder for sponsoring, and to our wonderful panelists, Beth Powell of Project People LLC, R.J. Mastic of, Ken DeBouche of Franklin Energy, and Choen Vogt of the County's EnergySmart program.

ReENERGYze Your Business

A Breakfast and Podcast series presented by the City of Boulder and the Boulder Chamber.


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March 7, 2012

Reading Your Commercial Energy Bill for Savings


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Chapter Index and Resources

0:00:00 - Welcome: Angelique Espinoza, Boulder Chamber

0:01:18 - Thanks Bay Window Catering!

0:01:50 - Introductions: Elizabeth Vasatka, City of Boulder

0:05:58 - Your Bill Line by Line: John Venturo, Xcel Energy

0:18:35 - How to Save Money On Demand Charges: John Venturo, Xcel Energy

0:27:05 - Xcel Programs and Rebates: John Venturo, Xcel Energy

0:30:22 - Using Portfolio Manager: Collin Tomb, EnergySmart

0:41:50 - Using Xcel's Energy-at-Risk Tool: Collin Tomb, EnergySmart

0:42:36 - CalArch vs. Portfolio Manager: Jim Zarske, Nexant

0:43:51 - Cost Savings by Demand Response: Jim Zarske, Nexant

1:01:36 - Monitor Your Demand for Savings: Jim Zarske, Nexant

1:03:17 - Concluding Remarks

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