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Through industry-specific forums, sharing of best practices and mentoring new business people, CleanTech Boulder is helping make our city the best place to locate and grow a wide range of sustainability-oriented businesses. We're raising awareness about clean technology and its benefits through mutual marketing and information sharing.

CleanTech Boulder is a multi-organizational effort to support and foster clean technology businesses in Boulder.

What is Cleantech? Read the CleanTechblog definition.

Why Boulder?
Boulder has a standing tradition of supporting environmentally friendly practices, technology and companies. We're home to numerous federal research labs, the University of Colorado and one of the most educated and active populations in the United States.

Boulder is also Xcel Energy's first SmartGrid City, which involves a $100 million investment in cutting-edge energy use technology throughout the community. Read and watch more>>>


CleanTech Boulder Forums
CleanTech Boulder hosts events that provide updates, presentations and networking. Check back to see what the latest forum will offer!

Previous events:
August 31
- Ryan Ferrero, CEO & Founder of Green Garage speaking on financing for clean tech startups.
September 29 - Linda Olsson of ION Engineering re: their recent $3 million DOE grant for carbon capture technology.
October 26 - David Cohen, CEO of Infotility discussing software and intergration options re: SmartGrids Sponsor: Western Disposal

Who Should Attend? Principals and founders of companies involved in the research, development, implementation and sale of new energy efficiency technologies, fuel sources and other products and services that have a mitigating effect on greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste or energy use.

2011 CleanTech Title and Partner Sponsorships Available
Get your company's message directly to the burgeoning and innovative clean technology industry. Contact Dan Powers for details at (303) 442-1044 xt 122.

CleanTech Boulder is a collaborative effort amongst several professional and institutional organizations. The synergy between our various programs have created one of the most supportive and opportunity-rich areas for clean technology efforts. Check out our partners' Web sites for additional resources to support your sustainability efforts.

More Information
CleanTech Boulder is open to a wide range of businesses and organizations involved in the research, development and implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability technologies. There are no dues. Within the CleanTech Boulder membership, there are two main categories: Innovation and Implementation.

Innovation - organizations focused on creating and introducing new technologies to the market place.
Implementation - organizations concentrating on introducing established technologies to consumers and businesses for installation into homes and workplaces.

Is your company a CleanTech Boulder candidate? Contact Dan Powers for more details on how to get involved at (303) 442-1044 xt 122.

Resources Assessment of energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs in the U.S. 2010 - 2030 (Executive Summary)
The Green Building Impact Report is the first integrated assessment of the land, water, energy, material and indoor environmental impacts of buildings built to the USGBC's LEED standard.

Boulder Facts: City Population: 102,800 | County Population: 298,685 | Founded: 1858 | Elevation: 5,430 ft.

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