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John Tayer appointed CEO of the Boulder Chamber


     The Boulder Chamber has hired John L. Tayer as its new President and Chief Executive Officer.  Although Mr. Tayer will be new to the CEO role of the Chamber, he is not new to leadership positions in public policy and advocacy of commerce in the Boulder market.  Mr. Tayer served over a decade at Corden Pharma Colorado (formerly Roche Colorado Corporation) in various executive public affairs and community relations positions and is a former member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors as well as a former Board Chair.  Prior to Corden, Mr. Tayer worked directly for the City Manager of Boulder as its Director of Policy Development and Intergovernmental Affair Coordinator.  Mr. Tayer began his career in Washington as a Congressional Aide to U.S. Senator Brock Adams.  Mr. Tayer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor from the University of Colorado School of Law.  Mr. Tayer also presently serves as a Director of the Regional Transportation District, representing the Boulder area. 


John Tayer
President & CEO

(303) 442-1044, ext 110


Neal Lurie
Vice President
Human Resources, Communcations, Website 
(303) 442-1044 ext 106


Angelique Espinoza
Public Affairs Director
Public Policy, Advocacy Outreach 
(303) 442-1044 ext 122 

Jane Lewis
Events Management & Possibilities
(303) 442-1044 ext 114

Caitlin Owens
Events Intern
(303) 442-1044


Deborah Malden
Arts Liaison & Advisor
Boulder County Cultural Council



Brent Hultman
Director Investor Relations
(303) 442-1044 x127


Joanna Hoffmann
Investor Relations Manager
(303) 442-1044 x109


Melinda Gillespie
Investor Relations
New Member Recruitment
(303) 442-1044 x124


Susan Kolinski
Investor Relations
New Member Recruitment
(303) 442-1044, ext 111


Tyler Ekx
Office Manager
(303) 442-1044, ext 102

Kate Ray
Customer & Member Services Expert
(303) 442-1044, ext 100


Sharon King - Executive Director

(303) 442-1475 ext 3

Janine Ledingham
Assistant Director
(303) 442-1475 ext 4  

Rachel Garcia
Program and Operations Manager
(303) 442-1475 ext 2

Kaylee Fabela
Administrative Assistant
(303) 442-1475 ext 5

Mary Ann Mahoney
Executive Director
(303) 442-2911 ext 116


Adrienne Pequeen
Visitor & Conference Services Manager
(303) 442-2911 ext 117


Kim Farin
Communications Manager
(303) 938-2066


Lauren Halley
Communications Coordinator
(303) 938.2064

Abbie Youngs
Business & Project Manager
(303) 938.2090

Andrew Heidt
Senior Group Sales Manager
(303) 303.938.2071

Margee Austin

Events and Sports Sales Manager
(303) 303.938.2089

Paula Ford

Visitor Fulfillment
(303) 938.2076

Chelsea Black

Office Assitant
(303) 442.1044 ext 130

Clif Harald
Executive Director
(303) 442-1044 ext 113

Kevin Lynch
Project Coordinator
(303) 442-1044 ext 102

Boulder Facts: City Population: 102,800 | County Population: 298,685 | Founded: 1858 | Elevation: 5,430 ft.

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