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Chamber Board Opposes Three Crucial Ballot Issues
The Boulder Chamber Board of Directors has voted to formally oppose three tax and government financing-oriented measures approved for this November’s statewide ballot. The Board believes Amendments 60 & 61 and Proposition 101 would negatively impact the ability for the state and local government entities to provide services critical for a healthy economy and to attract and retain businesses.

The Chamber's Board understands the intent and spirit of these measures is to reduce taxes and create smaller, more efficient government; however, the draconian manner in which they would be implemented would be more harmful than helpful to the Boulder area and state economy.

“These three measures are very extreme and harm the ability of our state and local governments to function in a normal way,” said Chamber Board Chair Eric Long. “May I ask, who will then repair our highways so we conduct business? How will non-profit organizations such as hospitals and private schools, that issue bonds for expansion, be able to repay the bonds in just 10 years?”

In general, Amendment 60 removes and reduces property taxes; Amendment 61 prohibits or strictly limits borrowing by the government and Proposition 101 eliminates or reduces various state fees and taxes. The City of Boulder projects at least a $20 million budget impact in January 2011 if the measures pass.

Together the measures are being called “the big bad three” that will “crush Colorado’s economy” by organizations such as the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado Competitive Council, The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry. Boulder Chamber President & CEO Susan Graf says, "we cannot stress enough how much these measures would set back our region’s ability to attract and retain innovative, growing companies. Amendments 60, 61 and 101 would cause dramatic reductions in transportation, education and infrastructure necessary for a strong local economy.”

The Chamber Board urges members to educate themselves on these issues; for more information on the negative impacts of the measures visit

Boulder Facts: City Population: 102,800 | County Population: 298,685 | Founded: 1858 | Elevation: 5,430 ft.

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