10 Tips for Networking

Are you often left feeling like you could make better use of your networking efforts after attending an event? We've gathered the top 10 tips from our ambassadors at the Boulder Chamber's 'Networking with Confidence' seminar in July, presented by Nancy Chin-Wagner, Arbonne International; Peggy Goehringer, Homebased Business Group; Brent Hultman, Taggart Insurance, and Chris Ratay, Re/Max Alliance.

1. Focus on building relationships at events, not selling your business.

2. Keep a little mystery - give the other person your name and company then ask about them rather than giving them your pitch in the first 60 seconds of your acquaintance.

3. Use their name a few times within the first few minutes to fix their name in your memory.

4. Think eight-minute networking: Only hang out for eight minutes, then move on to talk to another person.

5. Ask permission to call to schedule a cup of coffee to get to know each other and your respective businesses better.

6. Hand out less than five cards at a networking event. Think about quality connections vs. quantity.

7. Be specific when asking for a referral or lead. Get to know other Chamber members and ask the people that you meet if they know others that might be good contacts for them.

8. Be friendly. Look for those alone and approach them. It's possible they are new and do not know anyone.

9. Volunteer within groups, become a team leader.

10. Listen. Listen. Listen.

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